Memorial Day 2012

I love 4 day weekends. Saturdays are my favorite days of the week because I get to sleep in, we have a tradition of "family lunch out", and I get to spend the day with Adam and Autumn and get some extra help around the house or taking care of our sweet girl. So, a 4 day weekend is an added bonus! It was really hard to go back to normal on Tuesday, that's for sure.

For some strange reason I scheduled a session on Memorial Day. I wasn't thinking - why did I think Memorial Day was always on the 31st? Luckily it was a morning session so it really didn't take away from my day at all and I did spend it at a Battlefield - fitting, yes? The session just made me realize that it's time to step away from my business until after the baby comes (I still have a few more sessions on the books, but I certainly can't take on anymore). Walking in that big open field, in direct sunlight, in the heat and humidity... too much for me. Forget crouching, bending and chasing after kids!

The moment I got back into my car - sweaty, lightheaded, exhausted - I knew a trip to the pool was necessary. Our pool is never packed, so I decided to go even though it was the first day of the season. When I came home and asked Autumn if she wanted to go to the big pool, she couldn't get her swimsuit on fast enough! I even convinced Adam to come. If you know my husband, he doesn't do swimming or the great outdoors, so this was a big deal. Hurray for Adam!

It's been an entire year since Autumn was last in the pool. She had no reservations whatsoever. She actually jumped in this time - no more scooting her little bum to the edge and hopping in. She couldn't get enough of the water. It makes me so excited to go to the beach with her in just 3 short weeks!

As I mentioned earlier, our pool is never packed. I don't know if people just don't swim or if our community is just small enough that we never have to fight for our spot. As you can see, Autumn had no trouble sharing the baby pool with the other guests:

The only problem we had was Autumn going back and forth between the big and the little pool, but I suppose it could be worse =) It was a seriously gorgeous day and the water felt so refreshing after sweating it out that morning. While I doubt he'd admit it, I think Adam enjoyed coming to the pool too (he was an observer and reinforcement when we had to leave the pool...) and working on his "base tan".

These are all pictures of Autumn working on her moves. Flexing, "high-ya!", and something we call "the crane".

The downside to it being super sunny? Not being able to see your camera screen - or the finger blocking the picture. This was their triumphant march around the pool. March, march, march, march!

Autumn didn't even last 10 minutes when we got home from the pool - she was down for the count. Ah, another reason we love the pool. The screaming and devastation probably didn't hurt either.

Following our morning fun, we headed over to my parents for dinner and family time. We BBQ'ed hamburgers, chicken, had pasta salad, chips, grilled pineapple, and a delicious homemade cake made by my sister. Autumn loved getting to hangout with her cousins and fell asleep moments after we returned home that night.

These are the kind of days that make me look forward to summer!

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  1. That is a nice size kiddie pool! Most complexes near us only have one big pool that is 3 feet deep or more. I love 4 day weekends as well!! And when the kids just fall asleep from exhaustion... busy, perfect days, indeed!