Mitch's Birthday

A few weeks ago, our good friend Mitch turned the big 3-0. We met up with a great group of friends who all know and love Mitch for a night of bowling! (Adam and Mitch work together in the men's organization at our Church, and his wife Anna and I work together in the children's organization.) Adam and I hadn't been bowling since our college days in Utah, so we were both really excited for a night on the town.

Adam, in his old man sweater vest. He purposely bought the most itchy one on purpose, for added effect.

Autumn spent the night at Aunt Jodi's, which was a big deal seeing as how she has only ever spent the night at Nana and Grandpa's. We packed up her little overnight bag and she left willingly when Jodi and the boys came to pick her up. I can't believe how worried I was about her, but she had a great time and it was nice not to feel a guilty rush to get home while we were out!

Mitch and Anna really went all out for his birthday. The men were supposed to dress up like "grumpy old men", we spent the night cosmic bowling and having dinner and cake with friends. It was such a fun night and we were so happy to celebrate with the Emerick family =)

Mitch's cake was pretty epic!
Our hosts for the evening, that we both love!

Happy 30th!

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