A Day in My Life: It's a... (March 24, 2012)

It's been a little over a year since my very first "A Day in My Life" post. I originally stole the idea from my other journaling site that has a whole community devoted to those who take pictures from the moment they wake up, until the moment they do to sleep - with frequent time checks, we see their meals, their jobs, their errands, getting ready for bed, etc. I have been wanting to do another post for a while, and I thought what better day to do it then the day we find out the gender of our growing baby?

So, read along and follow us along to the doctor and everything that followed! =)


Ugh, 7:55. This comes especially early as I didn't sleep very well at all. Today is like Christmas (!), so I found it hard to sleep and my trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night certainly didn't help.

I run to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and throw on something to wear. Adam is still fast asleep, getting in late from a night out with some friends.

As I am sitting on the floor in front of my mirror fixing myself up for the day, I hear my first born hop out of bed. She waits quietly in the hallway until I acknowledge her, after which she comes in bright and bubbly!

I finish up my hair and makeup and call it good! I bug my husband to hurry up and get dressed, as I don't want to be late for our 9AM appointment. I get Autumn dressed and head downstairs to find something quick to eat. After I've brushed my teeth no less, but I have to brush my teeth when I first wake up. True facts.

My husband gets Autumn ready to go and we are out the door by 8:30, right on schedule.

Blast! As I turn on the car, the gas light turns on. That means we will be making an unscheduled stop at the gas station on our way to the Doctor's office.

We pull into a station on the way to and fill up. $3.99 is pretty good here. How much is gas where you live?? I try to distract Autumn from seeing both Mickey D's (she loves fries) and the play place out her window, so we make goofy faces at Daddy while he pumps the gas.

We're here! I normally don't come to this location of my OB and I am shocked at the renovation the office has undergone. It's crazy nice. We sign in, I take another potty break and we're led into the sonogram room.

I lie down onto the table and the sonographer places the gooey stuff onto my tummy, followed by the wand. She immediately asks us if we want to know the sex of the baby, to which I happily and eagerly reply, "Yes, very much so!" Without hesitation she says,


We're so excited! Well, I am. My husband isn't exactly known for his emotions - he's easy going, sometimes to a fault. This is one of those times... The sonographer takes lots of pictures and says that everything looks "normal" and "healthy", which Adam said is all that matters to him. Our sonographer even turned on the 3D machine for a few pictures, for which I was extremely grateful. Our little boy looks a little alien like still, but I love that first look!

We stop by my parents and share with them the news and then head out to Panera for a proper meal.

Time check!

I attempt to multi-task by checking the internets in one screen and working on some promotional images for my photography business.

Throughout the day my phone buzzes with text messages from family members.

My brother Joel was originally slated to come visit today and do some wood repair for me, but it's been a rainy, dreary day. Autumn doesn't quiet understand this, and insists we go outside. She did put on her "own" shoes. This girl just loves the outdoors.

Not one to easily give up, she thinks perhaps my shoes are the problem and fits me with "my" shoes in an effort to get out the door.

It's raining, so she settles instead for a rest on the couch while watching one of her Nick Jr. favorites, Olivia.

She's back and forth between watching her show and visiting Dad in the basement (and her toys), so I continue working. The phone rings and it is my sister. She's calling to talk about our appointment when I tell her I am already anxious to run to Target and check out their Clearance little boy clothes. She's on her way there and suggests she pick me up for some sisterly shopping!

I wasn't horribly successful at the store, but I did pick up a cute little outfit for my new little guy and helped my sister pick out a new digital camera.

Time check. Autumn has gone down for a nap while I was out at Target, so I sit back down to finish up what I was working on and post it to my business Facebook and business webpage. The longer I sit, the more my lack of sleep is catching up with me.

I retire to the couch for some mindless TV to help me relax, where I end up falling in and out of sleep.

At 4:46PM I hear Autumn climb out of bed and join me downstairs, which means both her nap and mine are over.

I hunt through the pantry for dinner ideas. 

Then I hunt through the internets for dinner ideas.

I end up settling on Giorgio's, a restaurant nearby. It's not really what I want, but it's close and Adam hasn't been great about fulfilling cravings or running out for me. I settle.

As I get my wallet and things together, Autumn has found her way into my Target bags.

I stop by the ATM on the way to the restaurant to deposit some checks I have sitting around. My pin is "Bosco". Not really. 

Despite depositing some checks into the ATM, I forget my debit card in my car and end up paying with my credit card - the 3rd time I have done that today. Frustrating! Adam got a steak and cheese sub (I don't remember if he liked it) and I got a hamburger. 

The calamari tasted funny and halfway through my hamburger I realized that I think it was more on the "raw" side of rare. I regret my purchase. I hate fast food and eating out lately, especially spending the money, but I'm too exhausted to cook these days.

After dinner, Autumn and I head upstairs for "bubbles", or bath time. She splashes around while I pick out my clothes for church tomorrow and catch up on "Draw Something" on the iPad. When she gets out, we come downstairs to watch "shows", which is usually Dora, Olivia, or Go Diego Go.

We head upstairs again to brush our teeth, read stories, say prayers and go to bed. I snuggle her in and kiss her goodnight and head back downstairs.

Time check! I had a lot more planned for this evening - I was going to make cookies, highlight my hair blond... but again, the lack of sleep and overall "I'm a pregnant lady" bit is catching up with me. I lie down on the couch and try and find something to watch.

I settle on Tabatha's Salon Takeover, one of my favorites.

At 10PM, I give in and call it quits. I take out a chicken to defrost for tomorrow's dinner after church, grab a glass of Hawaiian Punch and head upstairs to bed.

I take the first of many bathroom breaks for the night, wash my face and brush my teeth.

I disrobe and slide into bed, enjoying the peace and quiet and solitude of being alone.

I set my alarm for church. Another early morning tomorrow.

I grab the iPad and read the news, catch up on my celebrity gossip and turn on reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.

I try to suck it up, but I'm exhausted. I give in, and at 10:49PM I turn off the light and hit the sheets.


  1. Great blog, Kelli and I am so excited for you, Adam and Autumn. You are going to LOVE having a little man around the house.

  2. YAY!!! Congrats!! We love boys. What's funny is yesterday I was thinking about how you did this sort of blog and was thinking i might steal this idea. :) Congrats again, boys are great!

  3. Fun post! And we're excited about that little Brewer boy, too! =)