Sesame Street Live

Back in the Spring I happened to see that Sesame Street Live was coming to the Patriot Center at George Mason University, not all that far from the house. Autumn's favorite show was still Play With Me Sesame, so I thought I could earn some big mommy points if we went as a family to the show. It seems like forever ago, but December 17th finally rolled around and it was time for the show!

Now, if I hadn't already bought the tickets, we probably wouldn't have gone. Autumn wasn't exactly happy to be forced into clothes (the nerve!) and put into the car. It's not easy to convince a 2 year old that she really, really does want to get dressed because Ernie is going to be here today!

Waiting for the show to start!

We had amazing seats! I picked out front row tickets in the very first section on the side. We had an up close look at all the characters as they ran off the stage to the staging area.

We eventually made it with time to spare which enabled us to let Autumn nap a little more in the car. Unfortunately waking her up seconds before entering the stadium probably worked against us. I don't think I have ever felt her shake so hard in fear before! She was unsure of all of the people around her and I've never had her jump into my arms so fast when Big Bird came over the loud speaker and the stage lights turned on!

For the first half of the show, prior to intermission, Autumn wouldn't leave my lap or my tight grasp. As the show went on and after she was able to move around following the break, she seemed to enjoy herself. She didn't dance or giggle as we'd hoped, but it was an awful lot for her to take in.

The best part of the show is when Abby, the character above with the wings, came down into the audience. The characters came down just a handful of times and only interacted with those in the front seats. Because we had front row seats, we were one of just 3 kids that got to touch her! She walked right over to us and said hello to Autumn and touched her belly! Luckily she didn't freak out, and I thought it was pretty special. You can see it on the video below:

Despite Autumn's reservations and our hassle getting to the show, it was a fun way to spend time together as a family! I am glad we did it and I can't wait to take her to the 'capades someday =)

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  1. If she starts loving the princesses, Disney does one of their "on ice" shows that is all princesses. It was a like a dream come true for the girls a few years ago. Major mom points on that one. =)