North Carolina or Bust!

A few weeks ago we finally returned back to the Charlotte area to visit my brother and his family. In June they moved out of their home and into a new, gorgeous home. My mom and I were anxious to see it, so my Dad joined us, Autumn and my sister's 3 boys for a quick weekend trip to visit and see their new home.

Lucky for Autumn, Aunt Karen had unpacked a lot of the girls old toys and had yet to find new homes for them. Autumn was in heaven! Even more so because there is a chance we may inherit some of them! The dress up clothes were her special favorites:

Aunt Karen's new basement, filled with all the toys, was paradise for my little girl! It is what helped inspire me to finally do something with our own basement - stay tuned for that!

While we were visiting, my niece Alyssa had her big soccer game. It was a little chilly (Autumn was cold and had just woken up) but it was fun to see her play in her big game! They won, and are undefeated!

So, while it was a short visit, it was a great one! 

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  1. I like the cowboy hat with the hot pink feather boa! Girl's got style. =)