Welcome home Grandpa!

My Dad has been gone for a week visiting family and conducting business in his home of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's always rough for him to leave Autumn and we'd missed him equally over the past week. My mom was set to pick him up and we joined her as a surprise because he leaves again tomorrow for a few days in New York. He was worried about fitting in a visit with her before he left, so we thought this would be a fun surprise.

He called my mom to tell her that he'd landed and was walking off the plane. My mom dropped Autumn and I off and we went inside to surprise him. It was at Dulles Airport, which we normally don't fly out of. I wasn't totally sure where he would come out, so I stopped to ask the lady behind the info desk. We seemed to be in the right spot, and waited for Grandpa. I spotted him down the long corridor and started walking towards him, trying to point him out to Autumn.

He looked very tired and defeated after a long day of traveling. Once Autumn could see him about 15 yards away, I put her on the ground and she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. She was going full speed before he looked up and saw her. The surprise and joy on his face made me tear up! He laughed and scooped her up, so excited and surprised we were there to greet him. The woman I'd just talked to at the information counter was off her shift and stopped to say, "Well, this must be Grandpa!"

It was a very sweet reunion and a great surprise. We missed him!

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