A Scary Mommy Moment

If I thought I had a bad headache when I woke up this morning, it was definitely made worse by my sobbing in Urgent Care and feeling as though my child might die this afternoon. Well, maybe not so melo-dramatic, but it was still a scary morning. The back story:

Autumn woke up a bit earlier than usual - wait for it - 8:45am, and wasn't her normal self. She's usually her happiest when she first wakes up. I noticed then that she was rather hot but I attributed it to being fresh from a shower. We left to run a quick errand and on the way back home she fell asleep in the car, hours before her normal nap time. I just couldn't shake this feeling that I should stop into the urgent care on our way home.

We signed in and not a minute later Autumn turned from the toys and began throwing up onto the floor. She has never, ever thrown up before. Spit up? Yes, of course. But never thrown up. They handed me a bucket and I tried to clean it up when the sweet doctor at Urgent Care, who was even on her way out, told me to take care of Autumn and she would be happy to clean it up. I was so grateful and appreciative.

Her temperature was 102.2 F I started fearing the worst as this was all unknown territory for me and I had a "moment" while I waited to be seen by the doctor. My Dad (who I'd called to say where I was) also called to tell me that my mom was on her way, for which I was incredibly grateful. She would know what to say and do. It turns out that Autumn has strep - between her yeast infection, temperature, her tick bite from the beach and over temperament I would have never guessed strep! Once my mom arrived and the doctor advised us what to do, he left to fill out the prescriptions and my strong face disappeared. I just started to cry, out of stress, and relief. I was so glad Autumn was going to be okay and it felt so good to have someone else there with me and to finally just let it out.

A few days ago I wondered if I'd missed out by moving home to familiar surroundings instead of transplanting myself somewhere new -  this experience made me so grateful to have family close by. My mom took Autumn home while I ran to Target to pick up her prescription and before I got home my Dad had already gone out to buy Autumn popsicles and Pedilite to help replinish her fluids.

So that's the story of my headache (which is finally feeling better) and a scary situation that turned out okay. Phew!


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  2. I hope she gets to feeling better, it's so scary when a little one is sick!

  3. Poor little Autumn (and poor Kel)! Glad everything turned out okay in the end!