My Apple Success Story

 Less than a month ago I used some of my photography money to treat myself to an Apple iPad. I was instantly in love... then one morning I grabbed it off the nightstand to check my email and noticed what looked like a big scratch running from left to right across the screen. Unfortunately, that scratch was actually a big fat crack. It was hardly noticeable but for the life of me I could not figure out when it happened. I'd never dropped it and I would have thought I'd noticed the crack immediately. Our best guess is that perhaps Autumn had stepped on it when it was lying on the bed or the couch.

I forgot to take a picture of the crack, but this is a pretty good representation of what it looked like via Google images. Mine moved from left to right, plus my iPad is a beautiful shade of white =)

 I was so bummed! I'd only had it like 2 weeks and it was already ruined - ruined! I immediately went into damage control mode and went to my trusty partner - Google. Through a bit of simple research I found out that Apple has somewhat of an unwritten "one replacement" type deal. An Apple store employee basically has the authority to give you a replacement based on whether or not they like you and the extent of the damage.

So, I planned my attack. I made an appointment at the nearest store (I read the key is to talk to them in person vs. calling Apple), put Autumn in irresistible and innocent pig tails and took her with me to provoke the "damsel in distress and I have a cute baby" look. I was nervous going in but I'd also read that honesty is the best policy. I pulled out my iPad and said it had a crack in it and I wasn't sure how it'd gotten there and that I was fairly certain she'd probably stepped on it. That's when I pointed to previously mentioned cute baby with the cute pig tails. Travis, my new best friend, started talking about my warranty and that physical damage isn't covered, especially a shattered screen, but somehow my hairline fracture screen was okay? Anyway, all I really heard was "Oh, that's no problem" and 5 minutes later "Here you go, you're all set" and I was walking out of the store with my brand spankin' new, AND FREE, replacement!

All is well again in the world. There is a reason people are so loyal to the Apple brand and why their customer service has such a great reputation! You can bet I will keep my new iPad as far away from Autumn as possible and will be investing in a better case and protective screen cover ASAP.
I just wanted to share my good fortune for anyone who may have the same bad luck that I had!


  1. No one can resist a baby in pigtails! Smart move.

  2. I can't believe they gave you a replacement just like that!

    P.S. Can we borrow Autumn someday if we need her? =)

  3. That is seriously amazing! (And can I borrow Autumn too?)

  4. Oh wow...good for you, girl! I would have been in tears, but it sounds like your plan worked out well :)