I ALMOST DIED! Ok, not really. Dial back the drama and I guess you could say I ALMOST DIED MAYBE IF OTHER EVENTS HAD OCCURRED BUT THEY DIDN'T. There is a tree down in my parents backyard but not by choice.

Last night I was over at my parents dropping Autumn off for bed because Adam and I both had an early morning obligation. I knew a severe thunderstorm was in the forecast and shortly after I got to my parents house the rain started and with that came the big bouts of thunder and lightning. With my Dad out at a church meeting, it was just Autumn, my mom and myself.

When I was changing Autumn I could hear a distinct cracking noise. I asked my mom "What is that noise? Is that a tree?" We looked out the window and YEP! A huge tree down in the backyard!

The strange thing is that the tree should have hit the house. It should have done more damage. However, we feel that Heavenly Father was definitely looking out for us. The way that it broke and fell is very awkward, but it managed to miss the house, the deck and anything of value.

The next morning we looked to see that not only had the tree broken - it was stuck by lightning! The inside of the tree was jet black, and reaked of "smoke".

This particular tree had been a cause for worry for some time and had been recommended by our "tree guys" to be removed, as if the tree ever fell it would fall into the house - my parents bedroom and the kitchen to be exact. Instead, it fell to the side completely in the opposite direction it hung, managing to avoid everything. We definitely feel blessed that nothing more serious happened and that a tree was the only casualty last night. A 7 Eleven and tons of other trees in the area didn't fare so well!


  1. This is so scary! Glad everyone and everything is ok. My parents had some strong winds come through their area Saturday evening as well. Ripped off shingles, tore up yard decor, etc...

  2. Glad it was only a tree fatality. Your title was a bit dramatic and scary. =)

    The pics are incredible, though. I can't believe it missed the house entirely. Definitely a blessing!

  3. Glad you're okay! What a blessing! Our tree fell over, too... on top of my brother's van. Luckily nothing was damaged. Blessings all over the place!