Autumn's Bathroom Upgrade

I've had these photos ready to post for a few weeks now, but I've been backlogged on just about everything else. I'd considered holding off since I still consider this project "in progress", but it will be months before I finally get around to finishing the last bits on my list.


I'd left it pretty much "as is" when we moved in. Since I had painted almost the entire house when I moved in I decided that since I didn't hate the color in this bathroom I'd leave it. One less room to paint! Well, that was fine for about 6 months. The more I sat on the floor in this bathroom while Autumn took her baths, the more I found I didn't like about the color and the paint job itself. If you remember WAY back I started adding beadboard wallpaper to one portion of the wall:

That was very embarrassingly from almost a year ago! It wasn't until just a few weeks ago I finally finished this part of the project - topping it off with an 8" tall piece of wood and adding a ledge with hooks. Then, I decided hey - let's paint the whole room! I mixed things up and went with a blue color instead of the pale green already in there. They didn't have the Ralph Loren color I'd hoped to use, so I settled on a Valspar shade I found in the store.

I chose Valspar because I am a firm believer that Lowes > Home Depot and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Signature paint! It includes the primer so you only have to do ONE, 1, uno, coat of paint. Worth every cent in my opinion! I'd have preferred the color to be a little bit darker with more of a gray tint, but overall I am happy with it.

*Note: I used to be a big supporter of Wal-Mart paint for the cost. You couldn't be $11 a gallon. However, now having painted a large portion of my house in Wal-Mart paint and having to clean up after a 2 year old I no longer plug their paint. In my experience, it does NOT clean up good. If you try to clean a handprint off the wall, you can see every spot where your rag was or where you've tried to clean. Water, cleaner - you see it all.

Sign, found in the Outer Banks in NC / Frame from Ikea

Shower Curtain from Lowes / Shelves from Target

You'll notice the shelves are empty. I'm awaiting my next beach trip (the end of August) to find some "beachy" accessories.

Frames from Ikea / Hooks from Lowes / Towels from Kohls

One of my to-dos for this room is to frame in the mirror. I just haven't had the time or patience to measure and buy/cut the wood to do so. I'm lazy. Hence why it took me almost a year to buy the wood to finish the board and batten look.

Basket from Michaels

A small detail, but I was really excited about this bead board wall plate I found at Lowes. 

Sign from Outer Banks, NC

This hamper from Wal-Mart is a lifesaver. There isn't much floor space in this bathroom but I knew I needed something. If I had a hamper in her bedroom, they'd never make it there because this is the only room we undress Autumn in. Again, I'm lazy...

So there you have it. I'd like to add crown molding to the ceiling as well but all in due time when I muster up the energy to A) buy the wood B) figure out how to do it C) stop distracting myself with easier home renovation projects.


  1. Lazy is definitely not the term I would use for you. I still have no idea how you find time to do what you do!! And I think the laundry hamper on the door is genius!

  2. I love the changes you've made. The beadboard wallpaper looks amazing. The wall color looks a ton better as well. Great work! :)

  3. As usual, two thumbs up on your project. =) Love the ledge and hooks especially. And I'm with you on the bead board light switch cover. Jason laughs at how excited I get over the little details like that. =)

  4. As usual, great job! It looks so cute and stylish. Autumn is lucky to have such a talented mom!