New Stuff

I've been swamped lately with work but that doesn't mean I'm not doing 50 million other things. I'm finally making progress on Autumn's bathroom - the wainscoting that has been up since last July now finally has a cap and ledge, has been caulked and now needs paint. However, I've now decided to paint the whole bathroom.

I've also been dying to retire Autumn's changing table and replace it with a proper dresser. My sister in law Chelsey has been great about sending me Craigslist finds (since I'm not an early riser for Yard Sale deals). I had taken a break from looking at the ads for a while but I ended up finding a dresser and nightstand for a sweet deal of $40.

Aside from smelling like smoke and making it hard for me to breathe as I type this, they are in great shape. Solid wood. I plan to paint them and replace the hardware.

Also newly in stock is a stroller for Autumn. This makes 3. I love her big stroller for walks but it is massive and takes up too much room in my trunk. The umbrella stroller I received before Autumn was born is too short and has a weird bar in the back that makes it impossible to push comfortably. I found a great one for a great price at Walmart, but they only had the display left. I didn't think to ask for them to sell me the display, so I ordered it offline and it came today!

I put it together as soon as it came, which happened to be right after Autumn's bath and on our way up to bed. She was happy to test it out and make sure it worked. I am so excited about the tall handles, basket and compartments for stuff by the handles. Very excited to take it to the beach and all the room we will gain in the car!


  1. Yay! That looks great! I hate how I always have to hunch over with normal umbrella strollers. We have one big stroller, two crappy umbrella ones (one for $0.15 and the other for free) and I found a double stroller by the dumpster. So...I'm not sure how Peter would react to my asking for another one...but I want it! :)

  2. Awesome find on the dresser! I can't believe what a great deal you got! I'll stop sending craigslist postings to you now. :) Joel wants to stage an intervention--I do love craigslist!

  3. We're going to start a project doing some wainscoting, got any tips?

    p.s. That stroller wont be her last, next will be the double strollers:)

  4. Congrats on the dresser and nightstand! They're super cute. I've heard baking soda will remove the smell from your furniture. Can't wait to see what they look like when you're done!

  5. Love the Craiglist find! I need to get on there and start looking for another dresser now that the girls are splitting up. I've had a great time lately selling on Craigslist, though. Jason was teasing me about how much fun I was having. I'm with Chelsey - it's a little addicting. =)