The Many Shades of Kelli

It's no secret to those who know me that I love to mix things up when it comes to my hair. Being that I usually cut and color my hair myself, anytime I get an inkling for change I go out and do it. It's become a joke to friends and family so I thought it fun to post a look at the "Many Shades of Kelli" =)

High School - Ms. Manikas' Creative Writing class! I'd been coloring my hair different shades of blond for a long time, but one day...
... I decided to go red! R.I.P. Annual Mormon Ski Trip!
I kept the red for a little while
But was back to a "Barbie Girl" as my track coach affectionately named me before I exited high school for good.
However, I was brave enough to try it again my sophomore year of college. I had just started dating Adam around this time and I just showed up to his house like this. Oh, and I gave myself what I called "swoopy bangs". I'd been cutting my hair myself since 7th grade, and I became more adventurous and spontaneous as I got older.

Our First Valentines Day! I kept the red for a few weeks, until it started to fade. To pink.

After we got married, my love affair for different haircuts and hair colors continued. I think I've been every shade of blond possible.

I got more gutsy when I learned how to cut my hair with a razor. I'd often surprise my mom with pictures like this in her email box.

My introduction to highlights. The very first time I ever did highlights I only got one, large highlight at the front of my head. Learning curve I say! This was one of my better attempts. I hadn't yet tried foils as I'd never had my hair professionally colored at this time.

But then I got bored. As I usually do. Back to red.

Which then again, faded to pink.

Then enter Stacy, my then guy friends' girlfriend who would soon become his wife and one of my very best friends! She was a professional stylist and saved my hair! She fixed the pink and ran in 3 different colors or so to my hair. It was my first professional coloring job ever. I learned everything I know from her and YouTube!
Later down the road, I decided I wanted to go deep red again. This was probably one of the prettiest shades I've ever had of red (care of the brilliant Stacy) but I was so worried it looked to "brown" (aka what I now realize is AUBURN) and decided I wanted a more orangey look instead. Like a real red-head.

And this is what I picked. Literal orange. Stacy was right, I was very, very wrong. However, I rocked it for a few weeks!

Once is started to fade, I asked Stacy for the famous Victoria Beckham asymetrical bob. I rocked the strawberry blond look in Vegas when we went and saw Jerry Seinfeld!

However, it was soon back to blond for me. I'm never content for long!

As the lopsided do' grew out, I went drastic. I wanted deep red again (trying to get the red I was looking for...) and this time I got bangs - real, blunt, deep, full bangs. A first! Adam didn't like them - he thought they hid my face. 

However, a few months later I found out I was pregnant (12 wks here)! I started the transition back to blond to avoid upkeep while I was pregnant. And, I did my "usual" - an inverted bob, stacked in the back!

I stayed mostly blond and highlighted for my pregnancy. Just various shades and different dimensions of highlights. About 3 months after Autumn was born, I put a "strawberry blond" wash on it. It was mostly reddish.

And then I added highlights.

And then I went platinum! Or yellow, depending on the light.

Over the summer though, I brought it back to a more normal level.

Again, I got bored and went back to and Auburn. The red intensity started to lessen, so I threw a red wash on it.

And red it became. Fire engine red. Yikes.

That fire engine red faded to this, which was then combined with highlights. I had like 3 different growth/color lines in my hair. I couldn't dye my hair fire engine red and wait for the fade, so I gave strawberry blond another shot.

And voila! My newest shade. "Light Copper Blond" to which I added a buttload of highlights to. It's probably my favorite coloring job to date and very much like the correction Stacy did on my hair years ago. I should note, I went and chopped off my hair the next day. =)


  1. It's almost dizzying to see all the changes in a row like that. =) And I might feel just a tiny bit boring after reading this post. =)

  2. You crack me up!! The funny thing is that I remember most of these photos that you have shared over time on LJ and I never realized how many times you changed your hair color. :) I guess that means we've been friends for a long time!

    P.S. I might feel a little boring too. My hair has never once seen any hair dye. I have always wanted to try but I think my natural color is too dark to keep up with the upkeep of roots growing in all the time. One day I will try! I will have to have you do my hair dying job if I ever do it!

  3. How many highlights is a buttload exactly? :) I love all the different looks! I have to say, seeing the stacked bob, which happens to be my own go-to hairstyle has me itching to chop mine off again. hmm... if only I could pull off the red!

  4. This post was SO SO SO fun! I love how fun you are with your & color. I have NEVER put one drop of color in my hair, but I am starting to get some serious gray and NEED to do something. Wish you were here and could help me out!! I don't know what to do and the upkeep makes me nervous. I also don't have a ton of $ to spend on it. What is your expert advice, Kelli???? :) Seriously, send any ideas my way.