Gifts from Grandma

A few weeks ago we received a big box of goodies from Adam's mom, or Grandma (my mom is Nana). It was a Christmas/Valentines Box and it was filled to the brim with toys and hand me downs from Autumn's Aunt Brooke (Adam's youngest sister). We spent a night after Autumn's bath and before bed opening all the presents.

Autumn's new pillow pet, a lady bug. She doesn't use pillows (or blankets for that matter) but she does love to snuggle and carry the pet around.
Opening more presents with Daddy. A lot of the items in the box were old toys of his.
A new sippy cup.
Autumn's new shades. You may remember them from her photoshoot. She LOVES sunglasses.
Autumn obviously feels like a rockstar with them because she got up and started dancing, making her own music as she went along. See video below. You can make it HD by clicking on 360p and dragging it up to 720p

His mom even found a puzzle of her name. Super cute.
Autumn with just a small, visible portion of her loot. Books, puzzles, clothes, a doll house, pillows, etc.
Autumn's new outfit. Children's Place is in my Top 3 stores that I love to show at for Autumn and this outfit was just to die for! I definitely think we'll be using it for our annual family picture at the beach this year. Now I just have to find something for Adam and I to coordinate!
The next day, breaking in some of her new toys. Thanks Grandma!


  1. Wow - I wish someone would mail me a big box of treasures. =) Love how her sunglasses cause instant dancing. =)

  2. What a fun box to receive! Looks like she should be entertained for weeks to come :)
    Children's Place has some really great sales too... my sis-in-law is always getting her kiddos the cutest stuff from there!