Autumn deserves a hairpost too!

I think there is a very strong chance I will pass on my love of mixing up your hairstyles to Autumn. Everyone wonders at what point Autumn will reemerge with highlights or something crazy, but curlers, braids, and pig tails will do for now. Here are a few shots from her lastest sponge curlers 'do!

So tired - right before bed.

Snuggling with Dad before her shows are over, which means bedtime!

All ready for church!


  1. She is so super cute!!! I love her curls! If her and Owen had babies, they sure wouldn't be bald! How do you feel about arranged marriages!? :)

  2. I have to laugh whenever I see Autumn in curlers because I think back to poor bald Alyssa. It was YEARS before she had enough hair! =)