Autumn's First Haircut

Autumn was born with a full head of hair - the most of all the Mattingley grandchildren in fact. I was shocked when I saw just how much hair she had and how dark it was!

Her hair has always been a source of entertainment. She never lost any and it just kept growing and growing. I never had the heart to cut it - until Saturday night. It was multiple lengths and since it was her original baby hair, it was very fine and was getting to be a struggle to comb out after baths even with detangler.

We sat her on the table, tried the hair cape (which she refused) and just kept shoving things at her to try and keep her entertained. Luckily I style and do hair for a lot of friends, so I was able to do the cut quickly and efficiently!

 All done!! I maybe only took off about 1/2" all the way around, except for what I called her "amish locks" in the front, which were about 2 inches longer than the rest of her hair.

 The finished product, the next day. A subtle change, but having it all one length makes it look so much thicker and now my baby girl looks so much older! I really didn't think I would get emotional cutting it - but I almost did! She's growing up - too FAST.

Isn't her faux fur coat adorable? My Aunt Sue always picks out the most luxurious and gorgeous clothes for Autumn. It's my favorite church coat for Autumn. This was just a few minutes before heading out to church!


  1. Oh my goodness! She is such a little miss... I cannot believe how big she is! She is so sweet. I had a REALLY hard time with Owen's first haircut, I kept the hair!

  2. It does look thicker and more grown up, though I'm sad to hear about the end of the Amish locks. =)

    And I love her coat! I was thinking, "I wonder where she got that coat," then I kept scrolling down and you answered my question. =)

  3. She sits so still for you! Amazing!! That is not fair, mine were always wiggly!

  4. It looks so cute, but I agree, it does make me look older! She's such a doll :)