It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, it will soon anyway. I've decided that this week is the week! The tradition in the Brewer household has always been that I make us a grand Thanksgiving feast from scratch (Stove Top, Rhodes Rolls, Cranberry sauce from a can, clearly) and after the cleanup - TREE TIME. I spend the whole night of Thanksgiving getting out all my decorations while I pop in some of my favorite Christmas movies.

Now that we're back in VA, our tradition has changed. Last year we were still living with my folks and our tree was in our $100/month storage unit. This year we'll be spending Thanksgiving with my parents and some of my siblings. As much as I love my Christmas decorations I don't think I'll be cutting Thanksgiving night short at my moms and with my family to come home and decorate.

Tack on my busy photography business, my freelance work and being a mom/cleaner/house keeping/laundurer/cook/gardener/accountant I just don't have as much time to devote to decorating as I'd like. I've had Autumn's poor bathroom as a work zone since July...

So, I've decided this week before everyone gets here on Wednesday that I will decorate my house! It's probably a bit unnerving how excited I am about it. It's always been so difficult to decorate our apartments that we've lived in previously. This time I really can go all out! What am I most excited about? I HAVE A BANISTER! Such a small thing, but I can't wait to wrap a pre-lit garland around it. I guess it's good that the little things make me happy in life right?

Things have been busy around here. I'm working non-stop. My photography business is really picking up (Christmas card season being in full-bloom MAY have something to do with it!) and I am completely booked now through 2010. I love it! I'm so happy that I have this outlet. In addition to working with all my photography clients, I still do freelance work for my old company in Utah, Stevenson's Genealogy. I love still being involved in projects around the old store. I loved my job and I get flooded with memories every time I see or use a copier. Combine that again with being a busy house wife, 2nd Counselor in the church's childrens organization and I am a hot mama.

Very much looking forward to Thanksgiving this week for a little vacation from the everyday comings and goings. =)

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  1. I have to laugh because our bedroom is currently filled with all of our Christmas boxes. Jason got everything down from the attic tonite. I'm still going to refrain from decorating until after Thanksgiving (though it's tempting), but Jason is leaving straight from your parents' house on a business trip, and I couldn't bear the thought of having to wait a whole week until he's back. I want to start decorating as soon as we get back from Thanksgiving!

    I'm excited your house will be decorated for Christmas when we come! This year will be so fun with Autumn!