Cox Farms

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Cox Farms! I went with my mom and my sister's family - Grandpa and Adam were stuck working. It is starting to feel more like fall and it was definitely crisp outside. There were a lot of slides for the kids to ride on, a hayride, and quite a few animals to see. We ended the afternoon with cold (but delicious) apple cider and free, albeit small, pumpkins.

Autumn was such a trooper! She just loves being outside! Notice her super cute Crocs (care of her Aunt Karen) and that super awesome "don't you want one" hat? I made it! My very first crochet project EVER. I was so happy Autumn kept it on and that I thought to bring it.

She loved all the animals. We opted NOT to spend the $1 for goat food and instead just looked around and let her pet them. I was terrified they were going to buck/bite/baa/poop on her, but we left the goat pen unharmed!

So the highlight of the hayride was definitely the "alien dual". It was so completely random but I think the kids enjoyed it. I certainly did!

In the middle of the Hayride they passed "train tracks" and let off this really, really loud train horn. As expected, Autumn did NOT care for it. She did not however mind the "disco" party inside a barn that we rode though. Again, a very, very random hayride.

Autumn really liked all the slides. I was a little scared the first time I went down this slide (the largest) with Autumn, but it was really fun. The ripples helped slow us down a bit and I think she really enjoyed it - as did I. I made a few more trips up to the top with the boys!

So, I understand why so many people like Cox Farms, but I think I prefer the more "down home", old school pumpkin patches. Cox was packed (even after Halloween) and a bit too commercialized for me. I just remember Belvedere Plantation from years ago when I was little - not to say it hasn't changed since then, but I just remember the hayride out to actually pick our pumpkins off the vine, the barn full of hay and rope swings...  Just a different feel. Either way, we had a good time and it was late by the time we got home! Autumn went right to bed - she was exhausted!


  1. The disco barn is my favorite part of the hayride. I wish though that they would realize that they don't need all that stuff to make the hayride fun.

  2. Aw c'mon, Kel - don't you know that every good farm has dueling aliens?? Would love to know who dreamed up that addition to the hayride. =)

    I think those slides look really fun - and less painful for adults than where we go. =)

    I noticed Autumn's hat right away - super cute!!

  3. Good job with the cute hat. I am doing a skirt giveaway on my corner house blog. you should check it out.

  4. I know! Isn't that the most random hay ride you have ever been on?! My kids love it...I guess the randomness works for them!