Well, we think she's cute.

More than one person has brought it to my attention that I have posted numerous pictures of my daughter with a nice shiner under her right eye without first an explanation. Sadly, the picture above is quite a few days after the accident and towards the end of the healing process. One night in the tub Autumn was standing trying to reach for the water valve when she swung and missed, slamming her cheek and face into the faucet and shower pull. It immediately bruised bright blue and bumpy - my first thought? "Grandpa is going to kill me!" Like a champ, she brushed it off after a quick silent (meaning vicious and serious) sobs she was climbing out of my arms desperate to get back in the tub. A girl after my own heart. Don't let all the pink fool ya.

The other morning I was sitting on the floor with Autumn feeding her breakfast - applesauce. I sat with her, eating my powdered donuts and orange juice. The phone rang. I hopped up to find the phone and when I returned I found a pixie dust covered Autumn. Apparently she had vetoed the applesauce and found my breakfast to be much more desirable. Can't blame her.

This is why we can't have nice things. Two doors down, two to go. Notice broken door #2 to the right of the entertainment center? We're currently in the market for a replacement. We're hoping Autumn doesn't give the center a final blow before we can find one. =)

Dad's are so much fun. We were outside watering our new Mums. Aren't my pumpkins both decorative and functional? =) We'll carve them in another week or two. At 26 I still love scouring the internet for my pumpkin design idea.

"Autumn, wouldn't you find the walker more enjoyable with the seat installed?"
"Details Mom. Details."


  1. I love the picture of Autumn being thrown into the air by Adam. You have an adorable family, Kelli. And you seem to be enjoying living on your own with your sweet baby girl! I'm anxious to see what else she's going to get herself into and the various things that are going to be broken by the time she is raised. :) Keep up the good work!

  2. Kelly, I don't know if you remember me but I love following your blog. Your daughter is adorable and I love her eating that donut. Love the hair and she is getting SO big!!

  3. Of course I remember you! I saw you following my blog and because your blog is private I had no way of getting in contact with you! I thought I had figured it out, but I don't think I had. =)

  4. Sigh...she's just too cute! I think it's time for a trip to NC! (We'll be happy to see you and Adam, too.) =)