The Final Autumn Birthday Post

She is always so happy in the mornings. Her birthday was no exception! She was bouncing all over the place! She makes waking up earlier than I would prefer okay!

While Autumn ate her special breakfast (you didn't think I'd actually let a one year old eat it in bed, did you?) I finished putting together the cupcakes we were taking to the lunch bunch. These cupcakes and Autumn's cake was such an ordeal. I went to 3 stores to get her candle, 2 stores to find the little pumpkins, I went to my sisters to borrow her metal decorating tip (that I thought I'd lost in the move but later realized it was stuck inside another tip), realized I was out of vanilla (which I went to my Mom's for) and then I ran out of powdered sugar thus making my frosting too runny. It was quite the debacle.

Autumn and her friend Laura at the Lunch Bunch Halloween party. Here is my costume FAIL. It wasn't until I was looking at Facebook photos the host posted that I realized it was on backwards and the plush padding and circles should have been on the back. Well, at least we'll get it right for the trunk or treat on Wednesday.

All the lunch bunch attendees. Megan is a saint for allowing this many kids into her house at one time. She did a great job though with games, goodie bags and lots of food! Notice Autumn - she LOVES couches. Standing, jumping, playing on the arms and was especially fascinated by the table lamp next to the sofa. She had a great time just watching all the other kids run around.

For dinner we had ribs and potato salad. Autumn loved both. Still have yet to find something she doesn't like.

Patrick! It didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. I don't think the frosting I made was thick enough or something - I would put it down and it wouldn't retain the shape at all. Who cares - it was delicious! Plus, as I said before even without a head people could identify the cake, so it was a success!

Thus ends the marathon posts from Autumn's birthday!


  1. Yes - these are the pics I've been waiting for! =)

    And despite your opinion otherwise, I think your cupcakes and Autumn's birthday cake turned out great!

  2. Kelli, I've said many times and I'll say it again...Autumn is gorgeous! You are such a good mom - I bet she loved everything about her first birthday (you can definitely see it all over her smiley face).