Autumn's Birthday Video

I had originally planned to post this video with pictures, but my card reader decided to die on me tonight. No pictures =( I couldn't go to all this work to get this uploaded and not post it, so enjoy!

Disclaimer: Don't let my baby talk singing fool you - I WOULD SELL OUT STADIUMS if I only unleashed my raw talent for you. =)


  1. There was only sound at the very beginning of the video, so I couldn't really judge your vocals too well. Was that on purpose? =)

    I love that she didn't know what to think about the candle and the big cake, but as soon as you set that cupcake in front of her, she was all over it.

    And I think the cake turned out great. I know exactly who it is. =)

  2. There should be sound all the way though the video - I know it worked for my parents. Weird!