Purple People Eater

finally found my card reader amidst my beach luggage (yes, it's a week later and I'm still unpacking) so I can post a few pictures from my second OBX trip of the year.

I ♥ her... This was dessert after dinner - oreo pieces. This girl loves her chocolate!

The open floor plan of most beach houses gave Autumn a lot of room to spread out and get around. Plus, the top level of the house had 3 large sliding glass doors. Always looking to go outside, she loved finding her way over to a door and getting a peek at what she was missing outdoors. Unfortunately the deck wasn't in the best condition so crawling around outside was out of the question.

Autumn and her "brother" Anthony. See, Autumn already has siblings in the form of 3 boy cousins that spend so much time with her and just love taking care of her. Autumn and Anthony have an especially close relationship as they spent so much time together last year. Whether he was banging on the doors with her, tossing a truck off his shoe or simply flashing Autumn a smile, she was all giggles for her buddy.


  1. So cute! Love her little purple outfit! The only thing I don't like is that we weren't there! =)

  2. Autumn looks like she has grown a lot since you last posted pictures of her!