A Trip to the Lake

Last week my sister in law Karen and family were up for a quick visit before school starts for my nieces and nephew in Charlotte. It was such a great visit with a trip to the lake, bowling, slip 'n slide, fishing, etc. I quickly realized there is no one else I'd rather hangout with than my family - it is always such a great time! I have a few pictures from their visit, starting with a few cell phone pictures from the Lake (so, sorry for the poor quality).

It was Autumn's first real trip to the lake - being in my belly doesn't count! She only attempted to eat the sand once and I managed to keep her from attempting to drink the water. Now that she can crawl properly she was able to crawl all along the shore in the water and splash like crazy!

So this picture has a bit of a back story. My dad is extremely protective of Autumn and it is a long running joke in the family. Before I left he made it clear that Autumn shouldn't be "dragged into the boat" by the kids. We thought it'd be funny to tease my Dad, so we docked Jordan near the shore and set Autumn inside the boat. I sent my Dad this picture with the caption - "Well, they got her away from me".

Not ten minutes later my Dad shows up at the lake! We all laughed at how our plan worked, only to find out he hadn't even yet got the picture message and was simply stopping by on his way to the post office. Ah well!


  1. Looks like a fun day at the lake. We laughed at the image of your Dad rushing to Autumn's rescue--he must have really been in tune, to show up even before he knew there was pretend danger. :)

  2. That was such a great visit! Lots of fun adventures! I'll email you my pics from the lake - probably the only time I'll have better picture quality than you. =)