26 Candles

26 years old today.
I can now rent a car without paying an additional fee. Sweet.

However, it's all downhill now until the senior citizen discount kicks in.


Last Years Birthday Post


  1. I just turned 28 this weekend...I promise it isn't all downhill! =) Happy Birthday!! Celebrate big!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I remember my first birthday as a mom--I felt totally old all of a sudden. Maybe not old, but like a grown up, or something. Hope you have a great day! Very cute baby picture, btw.

  3. Happy Birthday Kelli-friend! I hope you have fun! I only have 5 months until the BIG 30, if that makes you feel better:(

  4. You might see your car insurance drop a little, too. =) And don't worry - there are a few more fun things to look forward to before you get the senior citizen discount. Besides, you can always console yourself with the fact that you're not pushing 40 like someone who will go unnamed. =)