Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

You may notice when you read these someday there has been a bit of a gap since my last "Dear Autumn" letter. You see, when babies get older they need a bit more attention - no longer the cuddly baby that wants to sleep all day. Hence my absence - at 9 months old you are non-stop and no longer that quiet baby we brought home from the hospital. Grandpa is still coming to terms with this.

First things first - noises. You've got all sorts of 'em and they're hilarious to those that know you best. To strangers you may sound as if you're gasping for air or choking but that's just "your thing". You scream at the top of your lungs when you get really excited and seem to even surprise yourself with just how loud and high pitched you can get. Your giggle is infectious. It's a cross between a chuckle and screech of excitement and surprise. You talk to mirrors, rooms as you leave them and the trees outside.

You can now wave "bye bye" to those that you feel worthy of your affection - this includes Nana & Grandpa, your bedroom after a nap, the stairs after you come down them, the bathtub after bath time, and the living room when it's off to bedtime.

You haven't completely mastered traditional crawling - you inchworm your way everywhere and could probably take on a traditional crawler anyday. You still have little interest in sitting up and would much rather lounge around while you play with whatever you can get your hands on. You love running around in your walker but I imagine walking is still far off, which is fine by me. The less I have to chase you, the better!

You're still in a size 2 diaper, which apparently I never got out of as a baby myself. You're tiny but voluptuous - your thighs are to die for. You haven't yet broken 20 pounds despite eating whatever is handed to you. You love any and everything.

We're all fairly convinced you are going to be an Olympic track star, swimmer or cyclist. Your dad has asked if all babies kick as much and as furiously as you do - we're sure that all babies kick, but if given the choice between a ball and a wall to kick - you'd kick the wall. You get going so fast and start that surprising chuckle of excitement at yourself. We all especially get a kick out of it. Ha - pun not intended.

Thank you for being a great sleeper. Really. 8PM-8AM is more than I could have asked for from my baby.

I know it's wrong for a mother to be happy when their baby cries - but it warms my heart when you cry when I leave the room full of people or I just can't get to your fast enough when I've gotten home.

With it being the summer, you have grown quite a love for fans. In the mornings when I come to get you out of your crib your face is plastered against the bars so you can feel the wind of the fan blowing through your hair. After I grab you in my arms you place your hand down in front of the fan tower so you can run it through your fingers. When you're crawling around on the floor you crawl to the fan, roll on your back and throw your body around just right so you can start drop kicking the fan. Again with the kicking.

I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for giving me such a loving, easy going baby. I wonder how I will ever top you with a sibling, but we'll keep that just between us.



  1. Such sweet memories in these letters you write to your precious Autumn! She is so beautiful and her smile always make me smile! She smiles with her whole face, it seems =)

  2. Can't wait for her first tantrum. She seems like THE perfect baby. You can't have it all, Kel - something's gotta give. =)

    We're all excited to see her (and you, of course) in a few days! Hopefully we'll prove worthy of one of her waves.