My sister in law bought this Champagne (Mormon Style) for us - it had specific instructions that it should be used to celebrate the purchase of our first house. Well, last night we spent our first night in our new home!

At first, I wasn't even sure if the move was going to happen. Right as we were about to load up the truck with the last little load of our day to day stuff, it started rainging. Pouring, thunder and lightning raining. I just assumed this was a sign - don't move out! Perhaps grandpa and the rain gods were in cahoots to keep Autumn longer...

After the rain calmed down we finally said goodbye - even though we're only moving a half a mile away, it was a little sad. I love my parents! It was a little weird being here (our house) over night. For starters, we have no overhead lights upstairs and only 2 lamps in the entire house. It was a little dark. And I was sure someone was going to break in and murder us with an axe.

But most of all, I missed my baby :( We left Autumn with my parents last night so that I could spend all of today with the Verizon installation guy and unpack the mess we brought with us last night. By the time the rain stopped it was her bedtime and I didn't want to mess up her schedule. Not only was this my first night away from her, it was really one of my first nights not sleeping in the same room with her. I just kept waiting for her to make a noise or roll over. It was very unsettling to say the least.

Good things are yet to come though. Adam and I, now back on a king size bed, can finally sleep in the same room again. So close, yet still so comfortably far away. =) FiOS was installed this afternoon, so now our house is a home with DVR, Phone and internet! I even have my first meal defrosting on the counter. Chipotle a la Kelli!

Big thanks to my parents for letting us live with them for over a year (I still laugh when I remember how it was supposed to be "3 months, tops" to find a house). We couldn't have bought this house without you or made all the necessary changes without all your help with Autumn. I'm confident she would not be so happy and easy going if you hadn't been around to help me ease into motherhood!

Alright, enough blogging. Back to unpacking.


  1. I knew your dad wouldn't be able to let Autumn go. What will the reason be tonite? =)

    King bed and no axe murderer - sounds like things are definitely going well. Just get Autumn back, and you'll sleep like a baby. =)

  2. Awe, I am so happy for you all to finally be in your home. Hopefully you can get settled soon and your Dad will let you have your darling daughter back :-) ha ha ha Afterall, She needs to enjoy that bedroom you created for her!

  3. Congratulations! Now you get to enjoy all your hard work. Go take a nap! You deserve it. :)

  4. I am so excited for you, Kel! I bet it is so nice to be in your own place. We are thinking about doing the same thing when we find our house. We want to fix things up while we can still live at my parents.