Autumn's First Beach Trip

Taking a break from editing photos for clients to work on some of my own personal photos! I still have a whole bunch to post from the beach, so consider this some starters.

The first day after dinner we all head to the beach to see it for the first time of the week. No matter how many times we tell the kids we are not swimming this visit, they all end up returning home absolutely soaked. Anywho, we worried the sound of the waves would bother Autumn as it did some of the other kids when they were babies, but she loved it!

The waves didn't bother her at all, nor did the initial cold shock of the water. She loved the sand and not ONCE during the week did she ever try and eat it. She was far more concerned to see how deep she could dig her feet into it. She is definitely following after her mama - Adam just has no interest in the ocean. I secretly think he's just a whimp, having grown up around only a buncha lakes *twirls finger* in Michigan. Here are a few pictures from her first visit to the Atlantic!


  1. Glad to see it was MY kid who was completely oblivious to the stay-dry suggestion. =)

  2. How fun. Such a beautiful little girl.

  3. Such fun family memories and beautiful ocean shots!