UVU Alum

I have such fond memories of college. I loved going to school and being a student. That doesn't mean I'm not glad it's over! I still have nightmares about not passing a class, having to withdraw and not being able to graduate - I really have to remind myself that I've graduated and I have my diploma!

I never in a million years thought I would miss Utah. For all the trash I talked about it, we had a great life (certainly less responsibility than we do now!) and there are EVEN things I miss!
  • THE FOOD! I miss Betos, Tucanos (garlic sirloin and the mashed potatoes!), The Italian Place, Los Hermanos, Burgers Supreme... Adam and I were so adventurous in Utah with trying new places. We have neither the adventurism nor the money to go out anymore here in VA, plus all you really have are big chains - not nearly as many small, independently owned places.
  • FRIENDS! Every Friday night I knew I had a date with my best friend Kae! She'd buy the tickets to the movie, I'd buy the goodies! (Plus, I have NO ONE to interject Friends quotes with in everyday life - I get blank, confused stares from anyone else...) We miss Chilis and IHOP runs after a WoW raid with our WoW buddies. We miss our go to couples - Morgan and Stacy, Jilleun and Kelvin... 
  • STORES! I never shopped at DI when I lived in Utah after I married. I think it had to do with the smell? Of course, now that I don't have it, I want it! I would love to stock up on my LDS literature, redo the crappy furniture there, etc. I miss all the modest clothing stores! I desperately need new clothes and layering tees! 
  • WORK! I don't miss working persay - I don't have any intention of going back to work and it's been my dream to be a stay at home mom. It's much harder and way more time consuming than it ever was working almost 40 hour weeks, but I love every minute of it! However, I worked at Stevenson's Genealogy and Copy for almost 5 years. I loved my job and was good at it. I miss the customers! Sometimes I think I see one here in VA, get really excited, and then feel really stupid because clearly they have no appeared 2000+ miles out of Provo.
  • CHEAP! Let's face it - Mormons are cheap. I miss cheap movies, cheaper groceries (My Orem SuperWalmart, how I miss you...), cheaper thrift stores, cheap housing (our mortgage is DOUBLE our Orem rent when we moved to the east coast - however, Orem, D.C. Orem, D.C. - worth it!)
So yes. I miss things. But I'm home. Close to family. We have humudity - it's awful, and hot, but we have it and others don't - it's like "our thing" we can gripe about. It's close to the ocean, close to the "rolling hills"... Someday I'll love to tell Autumn all about our college life, falling in love and our WoW Chilli and IHOP runs =) Until then, she's sporting her UVU pride, thanks to Grandma James (Adam's mom).

Again, deceptively chubby - weighing in at only 15 pounds and swimming in her 6-9 month onesie it's all in the cheeks and thighs! No gut to speak of.


  1. Time to bring her back to Charlotte for another visit! =)

  2. Autumn really is a doll, her eyes are so beautiful! I have to agree with you... Shad and I talk about how we miss Utah FOOD all the time. Mmm... We're planning a road trip there this summer, and I already have my list of places to hit up.