Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I  can't believe you are already six months old! By the way, I foresee this sentence being used often with the number of months and years interchanged, so be prepared... Anyway, more and more everyday we continue to see your little personality. You are still SO easy going! Seriously, I question the existence of a baby more easy going than you. Even though the stages of teething are waking you up at earlier hours, your mood in the morning makes it hard to curse the sleep I'm missing. Often times you get so excited that Grandpa is genuinely concerned you may give yourself an infant heart attack. I love your sweet spirit and you never fail to make my heart melt.
  • You are rolling over now - you find front to back easier.
  • You scoot on your back like crazy - you are able to turn yourself 90, 180 and 365 degrees and manage to scoot under the bed and hide from Nana.
  • You're eating the same meals as the rest of us - you have never had baby food. You'll thank me when you're older and can smell and be aware of how gross canned baby food is. Adding again to your easy going nature, there isn't anything you haven't liked or refused. Everything from pizza, hamburger and fries, rice with corn, chicken and black beans - you name it.
  • You are going to love the beach - you love your baths and it doesn't phase you when water is poured on your face or splashes get a little out of hand.
  • love your chubby little cheeks and the way you compress and grunt your face when you're deep in thought. Despite your chubby cheeks and big face of personality, you are a lightweight and fairly small.
  • Sadly the days of admiring my hair without pulling on it are over.
  • Even though you don't see him very often, you know exactly who Dad is. You light up when Dad comes home from work. Speaking of Dad, your relationship has really "bloomed" over the past few weeks. Dad loves your smile, your laughs, how you nibble on your toes...
  • Everyone that meets you immediately remarks about how stunning and how large your eyes are.
  • You're not too interested in learning how to sit up. You'd much rather stand and bounce.
  • You can already drink from a real glass without spilling it all over yourself.
  • For some reason your great Aunt Sue really freaks you out. All she has to do is look at your or be in the same room with you and you cry. This is out of character for you in general, which makes it all the more unusual! I feel terrible for your great Aunt Sue - if you're repairing a relationship in your teens, that'd be why.
Thank you for being my baby. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for choosing me to be your mom. I am trying to give you the very best of everything I can. There are so many things you have yet to experience in the coming months - the pool, the beach, your first vacation! I can't wait to experience everything all over again through your eyes.



  1. That was a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning. Very Sweet. Your daughter will enjoy reading this when she gets older.

  2. So sweet, Kel! Didn't realize she was scared of Sue! Is it wrong to be glad she's okay with me? =)