Call me mom.

The past few days without my mom and dad (or Adam at home) have been about proving to myself that I can handle being a mom, wife and domestic goddess once we're back on our own. I've exceeded my expectations of myself - I am breezing through everything and loving the new challenge! I am loving the one on one time I am having with Autumn and haven't yet found a moment in the day where I am begging for someone to give me a break.

I spent a couple hours at our house trying to get some more things fixed and a few more boxes unpacked. When I came home, Autumn was genuinely excited to see me. She knew who I was. She got so excited and jumpy! Almost as if she would have a heart attack! I even asked if Adam had spoon fed her sugar or something! It melted my heart and made me feel SO good. I couldn't stop laughing at how happy she was.

I finally had the feeling I had been looking forward to since I was a little girl - I'm mom. Not just the changer of diapers, disciplinarian, bath giver, bottle feeder - I'm MOM and that unconditional love I have for my baby girl she has for me.

Until she's a teenager anyway.

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