Onto the next project!

In the past two weeks I have made a lot of progress on our house! The main floor has 4 completed walls - yes, that's an accomplishment! The only unfinished walls remain in the kitchen. As you can imagine, I have left the pain of climbing around cabinets and on top of counter tops til the end. Once I finish all the trim and doors, the main floor will be carpet ready!

I somewhat lost my steam on Wednesday of last week. At first, it was really exciting to just get started! Then, it was super exciting to finally see some color on the walls. But... come the 2nd week of painting I was worn out. I took a day off which turned into multiple days (rain and a lack of light played some part). At the end of the week I was trying to finish processing an order for a photography client and then preparing both a lesson and a talk for church. Again, painting took a backseat.

I thought the best way to ease back into painting (only a week to go before carpet is scheduled to be put in) was to start a new project. Something different, something to get me excited again.

Hurray for Autumn's room!

Again, hurray for makeshift wide angle lenses! Sadly these pictures aren't the greatest and I really didn't take enough pictures to give you a panoramic view of the room. The blue doesn't exactly radiate girly though, now does it? Those shelves were really "budget friendly", so they were the first to come down. My sweet husband primed this room for me and it is all ready for paint! The ceilings represent a new challenge, but I'm ready! And hurray for 4, basic, solid walls! No nooks and crannies!

I don't want to ruin the element of surprise, but here is my shopping list/needed tools for the room (Wal-Mart of course!):

Eddie Bauer, Light Pink in Flat
Eddie Bauer, Light Pink in Semi-Gloss
Eddie Bauer, Coffee Bean in Eggshell
White Trim Paint
Mad Scientist Green Painters Tape
Laser Level
A whole lotta guts
Geometry Skillz



  1. Is this your striped room?

  2. Aagghh! Way to leave me hanging! I thought there were going to be "after" pictures in this post! =) I love that little nook above the closet - looks like a great place to store the stash of stuffed animals that no home can escape owning. =) Can't wait to see Autumn's finished room!

  3. Sounds like fun. I look forward to the final product. Good luck...I'm glad you have a good sense of humor.

  4. Anna - I am still undecided about what geometric shape will be used :)

    Karen - Isn't it cool? Ann had a really great idea to put a HUGE letter A up there - but I haven't found an A that big. It's at least a 2.5 - 3 foot space. I think I could rig one up with a few layers of sheeted foam. We shall see.

    Jenny - stay tuned!