Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

Happy 4 month birthday! I cannot believe how fast the time has passed since I brought you home. Everyone tells you how quickly "they" grow up and boy were they right! You change so much from day to day which makes me so happy that I get to spend each and every day with you. I love watching you grow, make new noises, discover your tongue, blowing bubbles... it's the little things.

I know everyone thinks their baby is the cutest and that everyone loves babies, but I am quite certain there is something especially unique about you. Your calmness, your alertness and the flirty way you smile and giggle at those around you. Your crazy hair, stunning big blue eyes, chubby cheeks and rambunctious feet. Everyone that meets you comments on how irresistibly cute you are - I am convinced they are not "just being polite" and wouldn't let anyone convince me otherwise. To this day I am still in awe at how blessed I am to have such an awesome baby. Yep, awesome.

Your sleeping habits are what I think of first when trying to place your age. You take power naps - 15, 30 minutes at a time or longer if you are being cuddled. You rub your face with your hand and mess up your hair when you start to get tired. Grandpa is concerned with how far you throw your neck back to get comfortable and rest. You're almost like a dog, tossing and turning til you get it just right. Nana laughs when you place your hand on your forehead or over your eyes when you sleep, as if the day has just been so long and rough for you. Making my life easy yet again, you've put yourself on a schedule (with a little help from me) and you are ready for bed between 8 and 8:30. We meet again at 5AM and start our day a little after 8AM. I won't pretend I love waking up early and others have described far worse, but waking up to your giggles and excitement in the morning makes it bearable.

Even though you don't get to see Dad very often because he is working, studying or off playing Warcraft (something I hope I have to describe to you later in life because Dad stopped playing it) the two of you have a special bond. When he walks into the room and smiles at you, you somehow know that he is someone special.

In a few weeks you'll have a room of your own and a house to call your own. I look forward to you crawling and someday walking in this home, but not anytime soon okay? You're already growing up too fast.


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  1. Her nighttime sleep schedule sounds wonderful! Now you have to cross your fingers that her first tooth doesn't mess it all up. =) Of course, as easygoing as she is, she probably won't even be irritable then either! =)