Lucky #5 indeed?

We got a house! Well, I've been in this position twice before, but I can't help but get excited! The sellers accepted our offer - now we just have to make sure the home inspection doesn't reveal anything too crazy and hope the bank approves the short sale. As long as we close by June 30th to still qualify for the $8k, the bank can take as much time as they need.

The house was listed at $179k, and we offered $184k because we asked for the sellers to pay our closing costs. When the market was more stable (and in 2005) this townhome sold for $362k. Welcome to the D.C. area! We just feel so blessed that the market is where it is right now and that we're able to get into something in this area at all.

As I said before, the townhome needs a little TLC. New carpet upstairs is a must and a fresh coat of paint will really revamp the space. Once we put in some updates (some will be fast, others will take saving and time) it will be really, really nice. It has great bones. Hardwoods, a big kitchen, 3 bedrooms, etc. I'm already planning the remodel out in my head. The best part is that we can continue to live with my parents until we get some of the work done.

The photos won't pull off of this website, but this is a link to a virtual tour of our model in the same subdivision (this is NOT our exact house - our listing didn't have images and I forgot to take photos). It even shows you the floorplans. This shows the potential of the house. Our kitchen has oak colored cabinets and vinyl flooring (tile will be on the to-do list someday), it's not an end unit so ignore the side windows in these images and our entryway is only two steps down, not 4 or so like you see in the image. Pretty nice no? It's the second largest house we looked at and with 3 actual bedrooms we will be able to live in this house for a while.

It's a little bittersweet though - I will be sad to move out and not be with my parents anymore. They've been such a huge help with Autumn and great company while Adam is working or locked away playing WoW. Just think - we'll finally get a house and I won't spend any time in it because I will be over visiting "Nana and Grandpa" all the time!

It could still fall through - we know how that goes all too well. This is the first time I've really been giddy and really excited about a house though. A part of me really feels like this is it. This is the one. Gosh, I could so eat my words in a month or so, but gosh darn it - I've earned a little excitement regardless!

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  1. Hey - you get as excited as you want! =) At least it sounds promising, right??