Snow bunny. Or bear, I think.

I am on a roll with pictures as of late! Usually I think "that'd make a great picture", but I never get the camera when I think of all the work that would follow - I gotta take the picture, pull it off the camera, edit it (no, I can't just pull a photo off the camera and post it. It's a photographer thing. I think.) upload it, write an entry, etc. Yeah - the epitamy of lazy. When you edit photos for a living, personal photos often take a backseat. Being a stay at home mom has really given me a new sense of energy - more posts with photos are a result!

Autumn has come down with a cough over the past few days. It was adorable at first - that and watching herself find her fingers only to gag herself on accident. She's in high spirits despite being sick - still all smiles. I've been doing everything I can to help her - vapor rub on her feet, steam baths, lots of fluids, etc. Others had also recommended taking her out and letting some of the cold air get in her lungs, so that's just what I did!

I bundled her up in the winter suit my Aunt Sue got me and headed out. I took her on a short walk up and down our street. She didn't mind the cold at all - in fact, she fell asleep. Do I have an easy going baby or what?  We've been watching her closely to see if her mood changes or if she suddenly starts running a fever but so far so good. If I have the opportunity tomorrow I might run out and get a humidifier to help her at night.

I'm happy to report our street FINALLY got plowed today - after one truck got stuck not once, but twice, a bobcat and 2 VDOT trucks. Where were they last night when Adam and I had to dig a path through two feet of snow on the street for my Dad to make it to our driveway?

Oh well. At least the extra burned calories will help get the rest of the baby weight off. Always looking for the positive.

Someday she'll hate me for this. Look - it even has ears on the hood! Ha!

Autumn has the most stunning eye color. Not brown, like moi, but deep navy blues.


  1. She's the cutest snow bunny ever! Oh, I just wish I could give her a big kiss! Well, I guess you'll have to give one to her for me.

  2. Glad Autumn gets to enjoy her first snow. She looks adorable in her little suit. I'm excited about having a boy and all, but I have to say little girls in pink just melt my heart.

  3. Awwww...her first time in the snow. And she looks so cute in her pink suit! Hope she gets better!

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