Lucky #5?

First and foremost - my cough and cold has resulted in a clogged and very painful right ear which is kind of making me want to kill myself.

Secondly, we put an offer on another townhouse. It's in my second choice location and a great price. It's listed at only $179k, which is amazing. It needs some TLC, but with a new bit of carpet and paint it could be a whole new house. It's a short sale - I know, I know. I'm brave to try one again. This time however we're going to keep looking until we hear from the bank. If we find something better or faster we can withdraw our offer on this house.

It's the second largest townhouse we've put an offer on and has a lot of space and room to grow.

I was apprehensive at first because of the amount of work (and $$) it would need to get up to shape, especially since I'd be doing all the work myself. However, the market is starting to rise and if we don't jump on this fast we may not be able to afford something in the future. The townhouse sold for in the mid 300's when the market was high, so eventually we would have quite a bit of equity in this house. The repairs and updates might come slowly, but that's okay. For our first house we were going to be awfully lucky to get something move in ready and in pristine shape. Heck, being able to afford anything of our own this close to D.C. is nothing short of a miracle!


  1. First, I cannot believe how cute Autumn is!!!! She gets cuter in every picture you post! Bring that girl down here! =)

    And second, good luck on this house! If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try.....again! =)

  2. You were mistaken, it is obvious.

  3. Oh sheesh. Good luck. What a crazy market. And..Thanks for those montclair listings. I am going to look into them more. Oh the house drama...