Meeting Cousin Autumn

Throughout my pregnancy we have been hyping up Autumn's arrival to my sister's three boys. They've had lots of questions about babies - what she'll look like, what she can do, what she can eat...

Anthony was the first to meet Autumn since he was at Nana's the afternoon we came home from the hospital. He was so excited to be a "big boy" and hold her. Later, the other two boys came to visit and the minute they walked into the house they asked, "Where's the baby?"

They will be great helpers when it comes to taking care of their baby cousin!

(also, for some reason this layout resizes my horizontal images :o/ so I'm sorry if they're a bit smaller than I'd like )


  1. I love those pictures - especially the close ups of Anthony with Autumn. They all look like they're being so gentle with her. And that they're quite taken with her, too. =)

  2. Oh Kelee-friend, she is beautiful! And I love all that hair!