I just can't make this stuff up.

**Below is my most recent entry to my personal journal - enjoy.

Well, if you've been following the days events on Facebook you are probably aware that in a past life I murdered a bunch of kittens, because karma is currently kicking my butt! It's long, but that's because I just can't make this stuff up.

This morning I went to the hospital to get prepped for the induction tomorrow. They were going to check to see if I was dilated and if not give me prostaglandin gel to help soften my cervix and get things moving. Everything went smooth - I checked in at registration, took care of everything for tomorrow morning as well and got all hooked up and started the process.

As Charlotte, my lovely nurse, was going over some forms and information about being induced she got to the part regarding visitors. I had been just kind of nodding along because most of the information wasn't new - until she got to the part about how my spouse was the only one allowed in postpartum.


As of October and since we're now entering flu season, the hospital has changed it's policy and gotten very strict about who can visit you and be in the hospital. Since pregnant women are so susceptible to the swine flu, they are incredibly cautious. Only Adam is allowed to visit me in postpartum. My parents are not allowed. My MOM.

Cue sound of shattered childhood dreams of my mother coming and holding my baby for the first time while I admire the scene in bed, resting from "agonizing childbirth" but still looking ravishing.

My parents are allowed to visit me in labor and delivery, before the baby is born. That doesn't satisfy me as 1, the whole point is to show off the baby and 2, the whole group (Adam and I, my parents) agrees that the birth and delivery should be something special between just Adam and I.

So they are allowed to come visit the nursery (and by visit I mean stand outside in a hallway and look through windows) to see the baby. I might be able to wave at them from inside postpartum, or my "prison". Not an ideal situation. I am one very disappointed pregnant lady.

Since I won't be having any visitors, I can now guarentee that I will be editing and posting pics STAT!

So, after they give this news to me I proceed to text my mom that I have "bad news" and I'll call her once I know if I get to leave early (if I was already dilated I wouldn't have to undergo the magical gel treatment). She texts back, "Is it the house?" I call my mom and then break the visiting policy news to her, which triggers the hormonal water works. We both express our disappointment and hang up.

Not ten minutes later I check my email on my phone while I'm lying in the bed - the house fell through.


The sellers can't come up with the $35k difference between what they owe on their mortgage and what they are able to sell the house for. Obviously that was a huge difference but we knew they had at least $20k and we didn't receive an immediate "no" following the appraisal. I believe they really tried to make it work but again you can't just pull $15k out of your hat. In the same email my Realtor says that there is another house on the market for $175k and asks if we can go see it before the baby comes. He attaches a link but I can't see it on my cell phone. My mom says she'll check my email and take a look at it.

Ten minutes later, she calls and I'm anxious to hear if it's worth looking at.


My mom calls my Realtor and he is surprised and didn't recognize it since the price had been changed. He said he was on his way into the office and would give us a call back later today after he talks to the Realtor and sees what's up.

I don't believe in playing the "Why me?" card in times of hardship or trials and I'm still laughing at my unfortunate luck. This has truly been a test of patience and faith - so far, I still think I'm passing with flying in colors. It will all work out eventually - just kind of wondering when eventually is!


  1. It's so terrible, I guess you have to laugh. But don't worry, you're right - it will all work out eventually. And in the meantime, Autumn arrives tomorrow!! Yay! =)

  2. That's rough! One of my friends just had a baby and the hospital wouldn't even let her son come inside the hospital! He wasn't even allowed in the door because he's under 13! Crazy!

    I feel you on the house thing too. I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever close on our house!

    Good luck with your new baby! Babies are so sweet!

  3. wow. that is really rough. hang in there, it will work out. You guys will get a freaking awesome crib, I know it.

  4. Amanda - At my hospital NO ONE under 18 is allowed, siblings or not. :/ Anyone with remote signs of the flu aren't allowed in the hospital, forget getting back to Postpartum!

  5. Pretty sure that post was the most entertaining post yet. Not that I'm enjoying your lack of luck, but it just made me miss you even more. Hahaha. I can practically hear you telling me this information in person as I read it-and this is not a joke. LOL. I'm sorry that you're having so many trials, but you have an amazing, little baby coming TODAY that is going to make your life that much better. I'll be rooting for you all the way over here in Idaho-blasted Idaho! Haha. Loves. :)

  6. Oh- I am thinking about you today!! I can't wait to meet this beautiful baby Autumn! I am so sorry about this stupid cold and flu season. That is rotten.