25 Weeks!

As you can see, at 25 weeks I seem to be more poking out than actually gaining weight. I'm feeling good and from behind you may not even be able to tell that I was pregnant. I know my body will probably expand more my next pregnancy, but I am really enjoying being "cute and little" this time around! In fact, when Adam and I went out to lunch just the two of us at the beach the group at the table next to us stopped me as I was sitting back down after a trip from the restroom to ask how far along I was because I was so "tiny and cute". It made my day!

Today was yet another OB-Gyn appointment. Just a check up, so nothing to report. He said the baby sounded great and he gave me some tips for helping with the ridiculous dizziness I've been experiencing lately. Since I have been home from the beach though, I have felt great. I made dinner tonight for the family without having to move around the kitchen on the stool and cut two "clients" hair, so I consider myself moving in the right direction!

Three weeks from today I go in for the dreaded gluclose test that involves the drinking of a medicine that looks like a sports drink... but I'm told tastes like anything but. Stay tuned!


  1. You do look tiny and cute! Hold onto that as long as you can! The last trimester can be shocking! =)

    Glad you're feeling better, though I thought it was fun watching you cook on a stool! =)

  2. You are so cute! :0) I love how excited you are to be pregnant. I know I will be the same way!

  3. Hey Kelli,

    How did you get your pics to look like Polaroids and write on them??

    Love them!

    Ps you're glowing!

  4. I did a google search for "polaroid" in google images and then just manipulated it in photoshop, pasting my pictures into it and adding text.

    There's a way easy way to do it though - if you type in polaroid maker or something there's a neat program polaroid actually makes that you can download. I don't think it lets you add text, but it lets you paste any photo into a polaroid and then it adds a neat coloring effect.